Seamless shift logs and handovers

Streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and facilitate regulatory compliance in a single screen with Asset Intellect’s Shift Handover module

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Seamless shift handover and task management to help you reduce risk, improve safety, and run more efficient operations

Shift handover is a critical step in process industries that contribute to operational continuity, safety, knowledge transfer, and efficient problem-solving. Asset Intellect’s Shift Handover module provides a holistic view of the plant handover, complete with electronic operator logs, event tracking from the plant historian, reporting, and summary data.

Flexible and configurable forms

Customize form fields and information relevant to your business, unit, or handover.

Manual data entry

Easily input data relevant to the shift, and add ad-hoc notes and comments to the wiki.​

Completely customizable

Custom dashboards let you see exactly what you want to see, through configuration, not coding.

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Shift handover

Asset Intellect is a platform that offers reliable shift handovers with work instructions, plant telemetry and events, alarm management, reports, and user collaboration. With Asset Intellect, you can reduce errors, missed information and ensure full situational awareness of shift activities, all in one place. The platform also interconnects with other data sources such as data historians, CMMS, and alarms, providing a complete and holistic view of your operations.

Task management

Streamline your workflow with our task management functionality that offers simple completion verification, allows for detailed task documentation, and provides flexible task assignment. It includes scheduling options for any frequency, gives supervisors real-time tracking abilities, ensures transparency for incomplete tasks, and enables all team members to update task status and manage assignments effectively.

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Electronic logbook

Shift logs are highly flexible and configurable, with both manual and automated plant event data. Maintain a standing log of unresolved issues and corrective actions, and easily leverage wikis and manual data entry by adding photos, screenshots, and ad hoc notes. With structured and formatted log entries, the logbook provides clear information, enabling faster handover, improved accuracy, and easy auditability.

Operating instructions​

Asset Intellect’s Daily Operating Instructions (DOI) capability is user-friendly and configurable for managers and operators. Tabs and content are specific to each role and provide a clear overview to issue and track what instructions have been acknowledged, open, suspended and closed, enabling managers and operators to achieve operational objectives while ensuring safety and quality.

Consistent, reliable, and more efficient shift handovers

Extract insight

Combine with other software and systems such as your data historian, Power BI, CMMS work orders and production orders to give you a holistic view of the handover and gain a complete view into recurring issues, trends or patterns.

Incorporate existing frameworks and structures

Flexible forms and manual data entry let you customize information relevant to your business, unit, or handover.

Aid regulatory compliance and auditing

Shift logs and reports to provide clear and time-stamped records of shift activities, handover and communication.

Improve communication and collaboration

Shift report summaries can be automatically emailed or shared via Teams with relevant groups or stakeholders. You can also update or add notes via mobile devices.

Reduce error and information loss

Eliminate paper-based and verbal handovers where critical details might be overlooked, forgotten or misunderstood. Easily input data relevant to the shift, and add ad-hoc notes and comments to the wiki.


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Innophos' shift log success with Asset Intellect

Using Asset Intellect for Innophos’ shift logs not only streamlined operations but fostered a culture of standardized reporting, improved communication, and paved the way for future enhancements across all plants within the Innophos network.