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Annual Support and Maintenance

SRP is 20% of the RRP of components installed at the customer site.  Is charged annually in advance from day one.

The Annual Support and Maintenance fee entitles the Licensee the following:


  1. On line access to help and guidance in the use of the licensed software
  2. Access to bug fixes and patches
  3. Access to updates and new releases for licensed software/modules at no cost.
  4. Response time: ack in n hours
  5. Licensee may request additional features and enhancements for consideration. These may be included in the product Roadmap for consideration and inclusion in future product releases
  6. Standard support hours are from 8am to 5pm New Zealand business days
  7. Support is accessed via an Email to: alternatively via phone +64 9 525 2227


Product support excludes:

  1. Product Training
  2. Deployment of new releases or updates
  3. Consultancy and project engineering
  4. Application design and review


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