Download our practical guide to achieving Operational Transformation using the PI System

Running a power generation and energy retailer business has always been complex. This is a competitive, capital-intensive, and dynamic industry that can make any change management difficult – particularly when it comes to your people and the technology they use.

When used to its full capability, the Asset Framework tool of the PI System provides
insight into asset health, downtime, and key performance indicators. It also enables the integration of different data sources required for artificial intelligence to predict potential asset failures. 

What’s inside our guide

We’ve written this guide to help you to understand how you can use the PI Asset Framework within your PI System solution to: 

  • Extrapolate data
  • Make informed asset management decisions
  • Meet industrial change requirements with confidence

Inside we discuss:

  • Why PI Transformation is beneficial 
  • What you can do to achieve it in your power generation company 
  • Framework that you can implement today for tomorrow’s success

Download your copy of 'How to execute PI Transformation in the power industry'

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