CASE STUDY: Innophos’ Journey to ‘On Time’ OEE Calculations

Read how specialty minerals company Innophos transformed and unified their OT data management across its North American operations using Asset Intellect.

Innophos is an international producer of specialty-grade phosphate products for the food, health, nutrition and industrial market segments.

Carlos Mendoza, Senior Manager of Process Engineering at Innophos discusses the first phase of the journey the company has undertaken to transform and unify OT data management across its global north American operations using Asset Intellect. 

The presentation delves into:

  • How OEE evolved from a cumbersome compilation using spreadsheets to the near real-time tracking of downtime, enabling immediate actions.
  • How Innophos reduced their number of manual data entries
  • The solution used to digitize log sheets and increase the timeliness of information
  • How communication during shift handover amongst operations and with Engineers and Supervisors improved
  • How Innophos leveraged more capabilities of the PI System

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“The information that is processed by Asset Intellect and PI server and SQL can be used by the users the way they want it, or also could be exported to JD Edwards (which is our ERP), business intelligence, Power BI… The good thing is now everything is centralized ”

Carlos Mendoza 
Senior Manager – Process Engineering, Innophos

Jacinda Morgan

Jacinda Morgan

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