Water and Wastewater

Ensure safe, reliable, and sustainable water services across your water network and treatment plants, while analyzing critical data in a single pane.

A flexible solution to support your water network and treatment plants.

With our modular solution, Asset Intellect can help you optimize workflows, improve decision-making, and drive profitability like never before.


Spatial Mapping

Layered spatial mapping through ArcGIS. Seamlessly interconnect data from the map to data sources such as SQL databases, APIs, and documents in real-time. Navigate directly from the map view to the selected destination in Asset Intellect.

Case Management

Trigger alerts based on analytics, Event Frames, events, or alarms. Easily navigate to impacted asset and view maintenance history and ArcGIS data. Triage case via trends, wiki or master data and assign to relevant SME. Easily track actions and automate email or Teams updates.


Improve data quality and automate reports via Power BI, SSRS, and Excel. Reports can be time or event-based and include health compliance, environmental compliance, production, OEE, quality, shift handovers and alarm management.

Shift Management

Manage the shift handover process from one shift to the next, including logbook, task management, and reporting. Automate data capture and use flexible forms for tracking and assigning tasks.

Condition Monitoring

Calculate asset health, performance, and risk scores in real-time from multiple sources such as your data historian, SAP, and Maximo. Monitor and analyze data and view core asset condition and performance in a single, flexible view.

Asset Management

Utilize real-time data to assess the health and performance of rotating and fixed/static assets, identifying potential issues early and enable proactive maintenance.

One solution, countless benefits

Visualize, manage, and optimize operations in a single pane of glass. 

Asset Intellect across PC, laptop and tablet

Your operations in one place

CMMS and maintenance system integration

Bring your CMMS and historian data together, along with Maximo, IoT, and SAP data. Improve predictive maintenance, optimize asset management, and predict failures more easily with a holistic view.

Regulatory compliance

Adhere to regulatory requirements by leveraging real-time data and lab data to generate automated alerts and reports. Facilitate clear audit trails, ensuring accurate adherence to standards and proactive management.

Asset health and risk scoring

Calculate asset health, performance, and risk scores in real-time from multiple sources. Monitor and analyze treatment plant and unit data, and view core asset condition and performance in a single, flexible view.

Highly flexible solution

Alarm management

Advanced analysis and actionable alarm management across your organization, all within a single view. Gather, analyze & manage your DCS, HMI and SCADA alarms, while aligning to ISA TR 18.2 alarm management standards.

Manual data entry

As a browser-based platform, Asset Intellect is accessible via mobile devices with ease. Add manual readings on site and view updated dashboards and data in real-time, improving efficiency for Engineers and Technicians in the field.

Operator rounds and inspections

Conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks online and offline, complete operator rounds using interactive checklists and flexible forms, schedule maintenance, allocate resources, and effortlessly perform work inspections.

Configuration, not coding

Water loss and ingress

View mass balance calculations in real time and analyze pump performance and efficiency. Continuously monitor infrastructure to detect anomalies indicative of water loss or ingress. Navigate to and from affected pump or asset in ArcGIS.

Leak management

Integrate with data historians, smart meters, SCADA, and ArcGIS to facilitate proactive leakage response and non-revenue water across district-metered areas (DMAs).

Leakage incidents

Provide real-time calculations on leakage incidents and data quality analysis. Calculate minimum flows to determine where losses are greatest and send notifications of any sudden changes. Create dashboards for burst and loss reporting.

Executives, Engineers and everyone in between

The benefit of Asset Intellect is its ability to be completely configurable and flexible to your requirements – regardless of position. We understand the differing and competing priorities those in the industry face – from Executives all the way down to Managers, Engineers, and Operators.

Part of the Water and Wastewater industry?
We know your priorities.

From ensuring safe, reliable, and sustainable water services, which contribute to more efficient operations, reduced costs, and improved service delivery. We know what matters to you and your company. 

Asset Intellect works with Water and Wastewater sites across the world. Be the next to join in our global success.

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