Pulp and Paper

Leverage Asset Intellect as your key data platform to support sustainability, environmental impact, efficiency, and profitability.

A flexible solution to support your pulp and paper mill operations.

With our modular solution, Asset Intellect can help you optimize workflows, improve decision-making, and drive profitability like never before.


Manual Data Entry

Add manual readings and operator notes through flexible and customised forms. Integrate process data and write to SQL and SAP. Use free-form data entry in our wiki function to add unstructured data, including comments, photos, and screenshots.

Alarm Management

Advanced analysis and actionable alarm management across your organization, all within a single view. Gather, analyze & manage your DCS, HMI and SCADA alarms, while aligning to ISA TR 18.2 alarm management standards.


Improve data quality and automate and unify reports with data from existing tools like Power BI, SSRS, and Excel. Gain actionable insights from health and compliance, chemical analysis, production, OEE, quality, shift handovers, or alarm management reports.

Shift Management

Manage the shift handover process from one shift to the next, including logbook, task management, and reporting. Automate data capture and use flexible forms for tracking and assigning tasks.

Condition Monitoring

Calculate asset health, performance, and risk scores in real-time from multiple sources such as your data historian, SAP, and Maximo. Monitor and analyze data and view core asset condition and performance in a single, flexible view.

Downtime and OEE Metrics

Calculate and automate downtime and OEE via your data historian, such as the PI System. It provides flexible and configurable web-based data entry and reporting through Power BI or our report engine.

One solution, countless benefits

Visualize, manage, and optimize operations in a single pane of glass. 

Asset Intellect across PC, laptop and tablet

Your operations in one place

Lab data

Easily access lab data, including paper quality, consistency and pH levels, for thorough analysis. Gain holistic insights into overall performance, manually input lab data, and integrate lab data from SQL.

CMMS and maintenance system integration

Bring your CMMS and historian data together, along with Maximo, IoT, and SAP data. Improve predictive maintenance, optimize asset management, and predict failures more easily with a holistic view.

Asset reliability

Ensure asset reliability through advanced capabilities, including condition monitoring and production analysis, and proactively schedule preventative maintenance and inspections.

Highly flexible solution

Order management

Access real-time data and integrate with various systems such as ERP, MES, SCADA to centralize data from different sources, providing a unified view of order information and production schedules, and more.

Operator rounds and scheduling

Eliminate error-prone paper-based inspections, create flexible forms, schedule maintenance, and perform work inspections easily. Asset Intellect supports resource allocation and task assignment, optimizing your operator rounds.

Workforce management

Reduce error-ridden paper timesheets and monitor staff and contractors' time on site, including geofencing. Get an accurate view of who visits what site and at what time they signed in.

Executives, Engineers and everyone in between

Transmission - Executives

The benefit of Asset Intellect is its ability to be completely configurable and flexible to your requirements – regardless of position. We understand the differing and competing priorities those in the industry face – from Executives all the way down to Managers, Engineers, and Operators.

Part of the Pulp and Paper industry?
We know your priorities.

From improving sustainability and efficiency to monitoring your environmental impact and regulatory compliance. We know what matters to you and your company. 

Asset Intellect works with Pulp and Paper sites across the world. Be the next to join in our global success.

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Amitec is a Nordic software and services company that stands out in the industry for its expertise in turning both real-time and historical process data into valuable insights.

Since 1996, the company has been committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions, applications, and knowledge to bridge the gap between operational and information technology.

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Future Partners


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ATSYS is a leading Digital Systems, Process Control Systems, and Cyber Security services company. Supported by industry-leading vendor partners, ATSYS delivers inspiring solutions through the application of innovative technologies in the Energy, Infrastructure, and Mining sectors.

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