Power Generation

Let Asset Intellect support reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy production from your thermal, hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, and nuclear sources. 

A flexible solution to support your power generation plant

With our modular solution, Asset Intellect can help you optimize workflows, improve decision-making, and drive profitability like never before.


Process Safety

Gain visibility into the status of your safety-critical equipment. Integrate multiple data sources to create scoring across multiple leading and lagging safety indicators and display insights into your safety instrumented systems.

Alarm Management

Advanced analysis and actionable alarm management across your organization, all within a single view. Gather, analyze & manage your DCS, HMI and SCADA alarms, while aligning to ISA TR 18.2 alarm management standards.

Shift Logs and Electronic Logbooks

Manage the shift handover process from one shift to the next, including logbook, task management, and reporting. Automate data capture and use flexible forms for tracking and assigning tasks.


Combine time-series and maintenance data to visualize all generation sources, enhancing planning, reporting, and understanding market contribution. Combine with historian and SAP data and utilize heatmap views to analyze and drill into assets, alarms, and emissions monitoring data.

Operator Rounds and Scheduling

Eliminate error-prone paper-based inspections, create flexible forms, schedule maintenance, and perform work inspections easily. Asset Intellect supports resource allocation and task assignment, optimizing your operator rounds.

Condition Monitoring

Calculate asset health, performance, and risk scores in real-time from multiple sources such as your data historian, SAP, and Maximo. Monitor and analyze vibration data, and view core asset condition and performance in a single, flexible view.

One solution, countless benefits

Visualize, manage, and optimize operations in a single pane of glass. 

Asset Intellect across PC, laptop and tablet

Your operations in one place

CMMS and maintenance system integration

Bring your CMMS and historian data together, along with Maximo, IoT, and SAP data. Improve predictive maintenance, optimize asset management, and predict failures more easily with a holistic view.

Markets and trading

Access and analyze market trading data, monitor real-time data from CMMS, plant historian, and Asset Management systems, gain insights into market trends and compliance, and view and drill into generation forecasts, demand and capacity.


Calculate and automate downtime and OEE via your data historian, such as the PI System. It provides flexible and configurable web-based data entry and reporting through Power BI or our report engine. Leverage real-time analysis with all relevant data.

Highly flexible solution

Asset reliability

Ensure asset reliability through advanced capabilities, including condition monitoring and production analysis, and proactively schedule preventative maintenance and inspections.

Wind turbine analysis

View key alarms and combine with data from your data historian, Power BI, and SharePoint. Integrate forecasting, automate downtime capture with reason codes, add maintenance notes, and identify and remediate poor-performing assets.

Environmental consent monitoring

Receive automated warning indications for potential breaches, case management for out-of-consent generation, automated report generation for internal and external stakeholders, and integrated dashboards.

Configuration, not coding

Mobile data entry

As a browser-based platform, Asset Intellect is accessible via mobile devices with ease. Add manual readings on site and view updated dashboards and data in real-time, improving efficiency in the field.

Generator frequency response

Automatically capture frequency events and note any comments and information at the time of an event for reporting. Easily overlay high-resolution and low-resolution historian data, along with event and IED data.

Spatial mapping

Layered spatial mapping through ArcGIS. Seamlessly interconnect data from the map to data sources such as SQL databases, APIs, and documents in real-time.

Executives, Engineers and everyone in between

Executives at Power Generation site
Field Workers at Turbine Site
Executives in Meeting
Field operators at wind turbine farm

The benefit of Asset Intellect is its ability to be completely configurable and flexible to your requirements – regardless of position. We understand the differing and competing priorities those in the industry face – from Executives all the way down to Managers, Engineers, and Operators.

Executives in the Power Generation industry must prioritize sustainability, innovation, and operational efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Asset Intellect’s executive dashboards combine market data with a clear and concise overview of operations, including revenue and downtime. Use custom dashboards to enhance capex visibility, minimize operational costs and optimize asset utilization.

Our flexible platform helps you adhere to changing regulations and compliance and being browser-based, the platform can be rolled out quickly and easily with zero client-side deployment to reduce disruption and impact to your team. 

Reliability managers focus on asset maximization, preventive maintenance, reliability, and performance. Equipment downtime reporting and root cause analysis also play critical roles in their day-to-day work.

Asset Intellect can support Reliability Managers through alarm management and workforce management, such as permits to work, daily operating instructions, and process safety. Seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems, such as SCADA, CMMS, and ERP systems and consolidate data from disparate sources into a centralized dashboard.  

With a central platform to organize your data, assets, and models, this becomes the basis for consistent and faster visualization & analyses resulting in reduced risk of unplanned outages and increased user & asset productivity.

Performance Engineers must focus on a range of priorities aimed at optimizing asset performance, reliability, and efficiency while ensuring compliance with safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

Asset Intellect empowers Performance Engineers by providing performance monitoring tools to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) like efficiency, output, and fuel consumption. It supports managing power generation assets throughout their lifecycle, enabling tracking of performance, assessing degradation, and making informed maintenance decisions.

Through data-driven insights, engineers can optimize asset performance, fine-tune operations, and access comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency across their asset portfolio.

Field Operators prioritize safety, operational efficiency, equipment maintenance, emergency response, communication, and record-keeping to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of power generation facilities.

Asset Intellect empowers Field Operators by providing real-time monitoring, remote control, and alerts for equipment performance. The platform streamlines maintenance management, offering scheduling and tracking tools, while advanced analytics enable operators to optimize asset performance and compliance.

Our platform fosters collaboration and communication among operators and other personnel, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, we offer training and support resources to help operators maximize its benefits, ultimately contributing to the reliable and efficient operation of power generation facilities.

Part of the Power Generation industry?
We know your priorities.

From ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency to emphasizing environmental sustainability, grid integration, and regulatory compliance, we know what matters to you and your company.  

Asset Intellect works with many Power Generation sites across the world. Be the next to join in our global success.

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