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Leverage Asset Intellect to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and prioritize safety and regulatory compliance all within a single pane.

A complete solution for the Oil and Gas industry

With our modular solution, Asset Intellect can help you optimize workflows, improve decision-making, and drive profitability like never before.

Process Safety

Gain visibility into the status of your safety-critical equipment. Integrate data sources to create scoring across multiple leading and lagging safety indicators and display insights into your safety instrumented systems.

Alarm Management

Advanced analysis and actionable alarm management across your organization, all within a single view. Gather, analyze & act on your DCS, HMI, and SCADA alarms, while aligning to ISA TR 18.2 alarm management standards.

Shift Logs and Electronic Logbooks

Manage the shift handover process from one shift to the next, including logbook, task management, and reporting. Automate data capture and use flexible forms for tracking and assigning tasks.

Mobile Data Entry

Record vital information more simply and eliminate manual data entry errors. Asset Intellect is a responsive, browser-based application that lets you enter data directly into your mobile devices, making it easier to work efficiently while in the field.

Operator Rounds and Scheduling

Eliminate error-prone paper-based inspections, create flexible forms, schedule maintenance, and perform work inspections easily. Asset Intellect supports resource allocation and task assignment, optimizing your operator rounds.

CMMS Integration

Bring your CMMS and historian data together, along with Maximo, IoT, and SAP data. Improve predictive maintenance, optimize asset management, and predict failures more easily with a holistic view.

One solution, countless benefits

Visualize, manage, and optimize operations at your field sites in a single pane of glass. 

Your operations in one place

Management of Change (MOC)

Trigger or approve MOCs easily. Automate email reminders and Teams messages associated with the MOC. Link MOCs to process safety metrics and data or attach them to an override as supporting information.

Workforce management

Reduce error-ridden paper timesheets and monitor staff and contractors' time on site, including geofencing. Get an accurate view of who visits what site and at what time they signed in.

Emissions accounting

Calculate and monitor emissions, including flaring gas, fuel gas, vented gas, and sales gas. Drill into emission intensity and non-metered emissions data from third-party sources.

Highly flexible solution

Asset reliability

Ensure asset reliability through advanced capabilities, including condition monitoring and production analysis, and proactively schedule preventative maintenance and inspections.

Safety tagging

Optimize safety through robust lockout/tagout. Identify exactly what assets are tagged out for repairs and maintenance in a holistic view and add any supporting commentary and notes.

Test scheduling

Dynamic scheduling for inspections and operator rounds, with the ability to adjust schedules as needed. Proactively schedule in a single view and ensure you meet certification and regulatory requirements for assets.

Configuration, not coding

Knowledge capture

Use free-form data entry in our wiki function to add unstructured data, including comments, photos, and screenshots.

Lab data

Easily access lab data, including dissolved gas, for thorough analysis. Gain holistic insights into overall performance, manually input lab data, and integrate lab data from SQL.

Pump curves

Measure and analyze pump performance, including flow and head. View trends and combine data with PI Vision for a comprehensive understanding of a specific pump.

Whether you're Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream, Asset Intellect can support you across the Oil and Gas industry.

The benefit of Asset Intellect is its ability to be completely configurable and flexible to your requirements – regardless of industry. We help many companies across the oil and gas industry in upstream, midstream and downstream achieve their goals.

Remote monitoring

View and monitor remote assets in real-time. 

GIS mapping

Layered, spatial mapping through ArcGIS. View asset data directly from the map view. 

Air quality monitoring

View and analyze trends from air quality emissions such as methane, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide. 

Pipeline maintenance

Visualize, monitor, and schedule pigging from a single pane. View trends and associate with other data. 

Personnel certification tracking

Track training certifications and renewals for staff onsite in a single dashboard. 

Well-site monitoring and optimization

Monitor well performance, gas and liquid output, and reservoir conditions to optimize production rates.

Efficiency improvement

Drill into drag reduction and utility cost, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing utility usage in real-time.


Analyze data from smart PIG and physical inspections. Schedule inspections and maintenance and assign to relevant staff member. 

GIS Mapping

View and drill into layered, spatial mapping through ArcGIS. View asset data directly from the map view. 

Asset management

Utilize real-time data to assess the health and performance of rotating and fixed/static assets, identifying potential issues early and enabling proactive maintenance.


Drillable analytics including pipeline threshold. Integrate with data from Power BI or Seeq. 

Leak detection and prevention

Calculate minimum flows to determine where losses are greatest and send notifications of any sudden changes.


Ensure asset reliability through condition monitoring and production analysis.

Energy management

Track energy consumption in real-time, identify anomalies, and optimize energy usage.

Environmental emissions

View and analyze trends from air quality emissions such as methane, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide. 

Incident analysis

Trigger tasks and inspections and integrate with SCADA, CMMS and GIS data to get to the root cause of incidents. 

Steam traps

Monitor and analyze flow rates, steam losses and pressure to ensure steam traps are functioning properly and efficiently.

Critical Process Parameters

Monitor CPPs in real-time. Any deviations from the operating envelopes will trigger and alert and prompt corrective actions.

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From Process Engineers to Reliability Managers and Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance Specialists, Asset Intellect provides a configurable solution to help you streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and prioritize safety and compliance. 

Asset Intellect powers many Oil and Gas sites across the world. Be the next to join in our global success.

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