Why We Need Effective Alarm Management

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Download this White Paper on Effective Alarm Management and get tips on how to mitigate, prevent and minimize the impact of abnormal situations.
American Public Power Association

We have moved from relatively low numbers of hardwired alarms to an unlimited interpretation of signals to warn of potential issues. 

Over the years systems have evolved to sites with multiple control systems and added IoT, AI etc. All of which are increasing the frequency, complexity and volume of alarms and events, which can potentially create an unsafe environment in control rooms and remote operations centers when alarms are designed to do the exact opposite.

Mismanagement of Alarms are reported as potential incidents every year in process industries. Alarms without any action is a liability but this can be addressed through a proper Alarm Management System. 

An alarm should create an action by an Operator to prevent potential operation of an automated Safety Instrumented System which can lead to downtime and potential damage to equipment. 

What to know more about how to implement or improve an Alarm Management System? Download this White Paper.


Eight pages packed with actionable advice to help you implement a robust Alarm Management System within your organization or dramatically improve the system you already have. 


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Paul Garnham

Paul Garnham

As Business Development Manager at Dimension Software, I promote our products to the industrial market. We have developed Alarm Sentinel which provides alarm analysis and integration to process data. We also provide Asset Intellect which is a key platform to integrate with the PI system and other data platforms, an important part of any Digital Transformation project. You can contact me to learn more at paul.garnham@dimensionsoftwarenz.com

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