CASE STUDY: Lab Data Integration With Process Data

Check out how Dimension Software helped Oceana Gold use their SGS lab data with their PI Systems, allowing them to make more informed process decisions.


Our customer, multinational gold mining company OceanaGold, required improved correlation of its process data versus official lab data.

In addition we were bought in get better recording of the incoming grades of ore and outgoing concentrate to improve plant management.


Dimension Software designed and developed several applications to integrate with the CCLAS lab system (a laboratory information management system (LIMS)) along with the front end loader LoadRite systems and truck weighbridge systems.

This system improved situational awareness and the ability to correlate plant and raw material changes with the resulting concentrate being shipped out.

David Barker

David Barker

I am Managing Director of Dimension Software. A long time PI guy with experience in a range of industry. I am passionate about providing business value, innovative thinking and quality results for our customers to help them achieve the most from their PI and wider IT/OT ecosystem.