CASE STUDY: Gas Meter Data Management

Vector Gas, Auckland's gas and electricity distributor, needed to better manage its transmission and wholesale gas metering data.


Vector Gas required a system to better manage their transmission and wholesale gas metering data. This included many TOU and non TOU meters, flow computers, gas chromatographs and manual readings.


Dimension Software designed and developed a PI based solution to process, calculate, distribute and present meter data.

The system leverages multiple aspects of the OSIsoft PI system including the PI 2010, PI Asset Framework, PI SDK, AF SDK, ACE and much more.

This system resulted in efficiency gains, elimination of spreadsheets, process formalization and improved data accuracy. This allowed Vector to focus on getting accurate data to the right people at the right time.

David Barker

David Barker

I am Managing Director of Dimension Software. A long time PI guy with experience in a range of industry. I am passionate about providing business value, innovative thinking and quality results for our customers to help them achieve the most from their PI and wider IT/OT ecosystem.