Fingrid IoT Case Study

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Download this White Paper on how Asset Intellect unlocked the value of IoT sensors to enable Fingrid to move to condition-based maintenance.

Fingrid’s IoT project is part of their continuous process in securing grid quality, improving grid availability, cost-effectiveness, safety, and sustainability.

Traditionally companies have managed maintenance largely through condition-based maintenance but solutions are now available to move to condition-based maintenance using the technologies available with IoT devices and analytics associated with this. Fingrid has been able to retrofit older assets with relatively cheap sensors to gain insight into the performance of their assets in order to move to condition-based maintenance.

By using Asset Intellect they were able to bring together the IoT data from Microsoft Azure and SCADA data through PI to view the data together in context to the assets being monitored.

See how Fingrid implemented this solution and what results they have achieved in this in-depth four page case study.


Click the button below to get this white paper (no email required).

Paul Garnham

Paul Garnham

As Business Development Manager at Dimension Software, I help industrial companies get the most out of their investment in the PI System and the surrounding ecosystem. My engineering background provides an appreciation of a range of industries including how Digital Transformation can be achieved leveraging existing investments with new technology. You can contact me at

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