Enhancing Production Efficiency: Advanced Downtime and OEE Solutions with Asset Intellect 

Downtime and/or OEE is a significant focus for most production facilities. In this blog, we will explore various industry-specific downtime reporting methods and how advanced solutions like Asset Intellect can enhance the accuracy and depth of downtime analysis, ultimately improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. 

Downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are critical focal points for production facilities, as they significantly impact efficiency and productivity.

Understanding production losses and their root causes through deep downtime analysis is essential for driving improvements. Traditionally, this analysis is often manually recorded, which can lead to inaccuracies and subjectivity. In this blog, we will explore various industry-specific downtime reporting methods and how advanced solutions like Asset Intellect can enhance the accuracy and depth of downtime analysis, ultimately improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. 

Industry-Specific Downtime Reporting Methods 

Different industries adopt specific downtime reporting methods tailored to their business needs. Here are some common examples: 


  • GADS (Generating Availability Data System)
    GADS is commonly used in power generation and is based on reporting and classification standards. A key metric in GADS is the Forced Outage Rate, which represents the hours a plant had unplanned downtime, expressed as a percentage of the total elapsed hours.

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    OEE provides a breakdown of availability, performance, and quality or efficiency of production. It’s a comprehensive metric used across various industries to assess the effectiveness of equipment and production processes

  • Production Loss Accounting (PLA)
    PLA extends traditional downtime metrics by adding the dimension of lost production and the associated costs. This method helps businesses quantify the financial impact of downtime.

  • Time Usage Model
    A Time Usage Model offers a consistent reporting methodology on how a time period (e.g., a shift, day, or month) is divided among productive, unscheduled, and scheduled downtime. Tools like Power BI are excellent for visualizing this information. This model is commonly used in the mining industry. 
The Solution: Asset Intellect 

Manual recording of downtime events often leads to inaccuracies, undermining the effectiveness of downtime analysis. Advanced solutions like Asset Intellect, integrated with PI Asset Framework, provide a robust approach to data collection and event analysis. Asset Intellect’s key features include:

  • Event Classification and Flexibility  
    • Automatic Event Classification: Streamlines the categorization of downtime events. 
    • Multiple Levels of Downtime Classification: Enables detailed breakdowns by site, unit, line, planned/unplanned, shift, operator, asset category/subcategory.

  • Integration Capabilities
    • Standard Tools Integration: Works seamlessly with SQL, Power BI, CMMS data, process data, alarm and event logs, IoT data, and predictive analytics. 
    • Electronic Logbook Integration: Facilitates accurate and detailed event logging and analysis. 
  • Analysis and Reporting
    • Production Losses and Costs Calculation: Quantifies the financial impact of downtime. 
    • KPI Dashboards: Visualizes key performance indicators for better decision-making.

  • Documentation and Reporting Enhancement
    • Attach Documents/Screenshots/Photos: Provides context to downtime events. 
    • Automatic Shift Report Generation: Simplifies reporting and enhances transparency. 
Benefits of Using Asset Intellect
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency
    Asset Intellect enhances the productive use of equipment and processes, directly improving overall productivity.

  • Data-Driven Operational Insights
    By providing clear, quantifiable data on equipment performance and production losses, Asset Intellect supports informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Reduced Costs 
    Identifying the most impactful areas of loss and underperformance allows for prioritizing interventions that lead to significant cost savings.

  • Increased Equipment Utilization and Reliability
    Targeting underperforming equipment for maintenance and upgrades optimizes utilization and reduces unplanned downtime through proactive maintenance strategies.

  • Improved Product Quality
    Tying equipment effectiveness directly to product quality helps reduce defects and ensure higher quality outputs. 




Asset Intellect stands out as a comprehensive solution that not only reports established metrics like OEE but also delves into operational data, providing a holistic view of production efficiency. Its features and benefits address the challenges posed by manual recording methods, offering a more accurate and efficient approach to downtime analysis. 

By leveraging Asset Intellect, production facilities can maximize asset availability, productivity, and reliability while gaining valuable insights to drive continuous improvement.

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