Optimizing Process Safety

This blog explore process safety challenges and potential barriers industrial organizations can implement to strengthen their process safety systems.

Engineering Value from your PI System

In partnership with GTSGroup, Dimension Software held the Engineering Value from your PI System webinar. Speakers included Mark Faith from AGL, Karl Rickards from Stanwell, and Patrice Taylor from Queensland Alumina Limited.

The Changing Landscape of the Industrial Workforce: Impacts of a recession

Back shot of a group of workers with hard hats and hi viz suits on an industrial site

As the global economy continues to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing concern about the possibility of a recession. From software and process efficiencies to an ageing workforce, we’ll explore some of the potential impacts of an upcoming recession on the industrial sector and how to mitigate these.

Insights and Highlights from EEA2022

Our power industry specialist Paul Garnham talks us through the highlights and insights from the Electricity Engineers’​ Association of New Zealand’s EEA2022 conference

How to Execute PI Transformation in the Power Industry

The high penetration of renewable resources is going to make the reliance on data even more important. Integrating your PI data with Artificial Intelligence, IOT and asset data is a key part of many digital transformations. But how do you do this? Our free practical guide provides the steps to help you on your PI transformation journey.