CASE STUDY: Stanwell’s Journey with Asset Intellect: A Digital Transformation Enabler


Stanwell is a major provider of electricity and energy solutions to Queensland, the National Electricity Market and large energy users throughout Australia. Stanwell owns and operates two coal-fired power stations in Australia – the Tarong power stations and Stanwell Power Station, as well as the Meandu Mine. 

Hear Karl Rickards, Principal Analytics Engineer at Stanwell, discuss their journey with Asset Intellect. In this video, Karl dives into how Asset Intellect is being used as a digital shift log and handover system while providing a common platform to centralise and integrate disparate data systems.

This video delves into:

  • How the initial replacement of Stanwell’s digital shift log and handover system with Asset Intellect evolved into a core business application for the company
  • The integration with PI Vision, Power BI, and Stanwell’s ERP system to provide a contextual view of the asset
  • The newfound ability for Operators, Engineers, or Management to make data-driven decisions quickly


“In addition to a fully featured Digital Shift Log and Handover System, Asset Intellect has addressed the paradigm of “where is my data?” that has challenged industrial operations for years. ”

Karl Rickards

Principal Analytics Engineer, Stanwell

Jacinda Morgan

Jacinda Morgan

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