BLOG: Dimension Software Switches It Up With New COO Appointment

Today, since our founding in 2008 Dimension Software has grown to serve an increasing number of valued customers across Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Our journey so far has led us to reflect on how to continue building our value in the future – helping our customers minimize plant downtime, improve safety and quality, achieve regulatory compliance and extract maximum benefit from capital-intensive assets.

As part of our progression Tim Lockie has recently joined our team as Chief Operating Officer. Tim brings a background in international software operations with significant exposure to the energy and infrastructure sectors, and a strong belief in the power of digital transformation and data-driven insights to switch up business outcomes. Over the next couple of years Dimension Software’s growth path will see us mature into a larger organization, forging deeper relationships with our partners, and serving more and more customers together. We will be setting and achieving even higher standards of excellence for our partners and customers in project delivery, product innovation, teamwork and agility.

Our two products Alarm Sentinel and Asset Intellect power our customers’ assets with leading operational intelligence. Alarm Sentinel brings together SCADA alarms with PI, IoT and diverse other data sources to analyze and identify long-term issues before they become critical. Asset Intellect aggregates, integrates and visualizes operational and business information in a single platform, providing operational intelligence for rapid data-driven decisions.

Just reach out to us if you would like to discuss how we can help achieve your digital transformation strategy, move towards Industry 4.0 and unlock maximum value from your assets.

Tim Lockie

Tim Lockie

I help large and small teams operate at their best, cut through complexity and get things done for customers, partners and stakeholders. My background in strategic delivery and digital transformation across a range of industries helps me unlock business benefits from technology opportunities, and to collaborate and communicate with people in their own language.