A one-stop shop for your plant operations

Visualize, manage, and operate your plant with Asset Intellect’s all-in-one modular solution

One solution to manage your plant assets

Say goodbye to disparate, expensive applications. Asset Intellect uses your existing PI infrastructure to provide a flexible, configurable solution that rapidly delivers to meet the needs of your business.

All of your plant operations under one roof

Improve data reliability, save time and reduce effort all from one flexible platform.

Advanced Visualization

Connect and visualize data via OLEDB, ODBC, APIs, iFrames, and Power BI to provide a single pane of glass for your data sources.

Shift Logs

Integrated with process data, short interval control, production reporting and maintenance information.

Downtime / OEE

Flexible web-based data entry along with reporting via Power BI or Asset Intellect reports and charts.

Manual Data Entry

Replace Excel, Access, and paper-based recording. Asset Intellect features data validation, conditional formatting, wiki, and file attachments.


Automate reports via Power BI, SSRS, and Excel. Reports can include environmental compliance, production, OEE, quality, shift handovers, alarm management.

Scheduling Engine and Workflow

Asset Intellect integrates with platforms such as SAP and Maximo and allows configurable workflow actions including work orders, emails, API calls, and PowerShell actions.

Flexible, quick, easy

Asset Intellect is easy to set up, versatile, and delivers value fast!


Bring together PI and data sources such as SQL, SharePoint, APIs, SAP/Maximo, Power BI and more. Data remains in your systems of record.


Configuration not code, uses existing PI infrastructure, role based content management.

Rapid solution development

Rapid solution development means reduced costs & delivery time. Asset Intellect is a fast and easy rollout with zero client-side deployment.

Replace costly legacy systems

Replace unsupportable, bespoke spreadsheets that no longer deliver to requirements. Asset Intellect provides configurable web-based data entry.

All of your plant operations under one roof

Asset Intellect rapidly integrates your data sources to create an enterprise visualization dashboard, giving you the ability to make data-driven decisions.  

PI Asset Framework and PI Vision

We reference PI AF and PI Vision along with our advanced components to bring leading-edge capability to your organization.

Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI

Most sites use BI tools including Power BI or similar. We make it easy to combine these applications to show you relevant contextualized data across your operations.

Relational data such as SQL, Oracle and REST API's

Read and write to common REST API's, ODBC data sources such as SQL, Oracle, Google Sheets, Cloudera, SharePoint, and more

SAP, Maximo and other CMMS

Pull in your CMMS data and mash with your PI data. We can also push to Maximo and SAP.

Advanced content management

Asset Intellect aggregates, integrates, analyses and visualizes your operational and business information in a single platform. It provides fast access to multiple systems for rapid data driven decisions.


The Asset Intellect wiki is useful for capturing unstructured data such as photos, screenshots, links and text.

24/7 Support

Configuration not code, uses existing PI infrastructure, role based content management, rapid solution development

Data Governance

Asset Intellect creates a single source of truth. Data remains in its native repository removing the need for duplication which ensures uniform data visualization throughout your organization.

What is Asset Intellect?

Asset Intellect is a highly flexible, modular, one stop shop for operational transformation. With a wide range of configurable components, users can quickly create a powerful AF based platform that enables smarter data-driven decisions

User Created Content

Alarm Sentinel

File Viewer


Custom URL

Tabular Data Grid

AF Attribute Editor




AI Charting

Content Filter



Control Loops

AF Event Frame Editor

SSRS Reports

Power BI


Technology Plaform












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See some of our customer testimonials

We enjoy helping businesses improve insights into their industrial operations. We’re proud to be working with customers like these.

“The user interface is very good and important but it is much more than visualization, it is about change management and will change our maintenance strategies”

Janne Lappi
Fingrid – Asset Digitalization

“A report that I can’t find isn’t worth anything, with Asset Intellect people can find the data quickly and easily”

Mark Faith 
AGL – Manager, Operational Diagnostic and Technology 

“We have got a lot of Citect, Yokogawa, Rockwell, and Wonderware. This system is easy to use on any of those control system platforms”

Dennis Johnson
Newmont Mining –  Process Control Engineer

Power up your workflow with Asset Intellect + Alarm Sentinel

Combining Asset Intellect with Alarm Sentinel unlocks unprecedented power and capability.

Alarm Investigations

When investigating alarms or events, Alarm Sentinel can seamlessly navigate to AF assets within Asset Intellect.

Case Management
Many clients use Alarm Sentinel for triaging PI analytic based alerts. Users can assign the alerts to other users and create investigation cases using Asset Intellect.
Alarm To Asset Drilldown
Nucience alarms? Showing this in a KPI report covers only part of the job. Quickly navigate to the asset data for the full story including drawings, maintenance, wiki notes.
Holistic Visualization

No other alarm management system provides a holistic view of the asset like Asset Intellect and Alarm Sentinel does.

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