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Alarm & alert management using your PI System

Gather, analyze & manage your DCS, HMI and SCADA alarms. Leverage your PI infrastructure & data in a fully interactive, browser-based environment. Triage your PI events with a holistic asset view.

A complete solution for your alarm & event management

Alarm Sentinel can provide cost-effective advanced analysis and actionable insights across your organization from the control room, to engineering, operations and management teams.

All alarms and events in one place

From DCS, SCADA, EMS, metering and IOT, to PI notifications, PI Event Frames and analytics-based alerts –  bring it all into a single solution providing clarity across all areas of your business.

Comprehensive & drillable

Analyze your post-event data quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime.

Alarm master database

Display your operator actions, limits, criticality, risk and much more.

Wiki, alarm statistics, comments

Add user wiki entries against an alarm instance or tag. Add comments, screenshots, links & photos.

Actionable alarm management

Gain insights into your problematic alarms using our ISA TR18.2 compliant metrics and associate user comments and actions with each alarm KPI.

ISA TR 18.2 dashboards

Alarm Management KPIs and reports align with ISA TR 18.2 alarm management standards.


Configurable and customizable to meet advanced requirements.

Reduce nuisance alarms

Actionable metrics to really understand the underlying reasons.

Flexible, quick, easy

Alarm Sentinel is easy to set up, versatile, and delivers value fast. Deploy and configure in hours not weeks.

Use existing PI & IT infrastructure

If you have PI, then you have all the infrastructure you need.

Uses one string PI tag

Use PI OPC AE interface with one tag for the entire DCS/SCADA.

Expert Operational Diagnostics

Alarm Sentinel combined with Asset Intellect provides the most comprehensive platform available to manage your plant diagnostic alerts through to full end to end asset intelligence.

Dashboard and assign your alerts

Display your plant anomalies, triage, filter, assign, comment and drill. Everything you need for effective operational integrity management.

Configure your own notifications

Configure alarm and event notifications based on rules. Quickly navigate to relevant data and analysis tools.

A one-stop-shop for your plant operations

Everything you need to manage and operate your assets with full situational awareness.
Integrate with most DCS/HMI
ABB, Yokagawa, GE, Rockwell, OSIsoft PI, Wonderware, System Platform, Citect, Siemens PCS7, IOT events, Honeywell, SQL and more.

Full Active Directory integration

Supports configurable AD-based roles and permissions.

Scalable to multiple sites

Scales to multiple sites and time zones. Rollup your metrics to a centralized global platform for fleetwide reporting.

Audit capability
Audit all changes to ensure compliance with regulated industry standards such as pharmaceutical.
Advanced lookups and grouping

Configure lookup tables. Calculate statistics. Group / nest alarms. Define exclusions and so much more.

Integrated alarms and events

Get associated information about that asset such as maintenance, Event Frames, asset health map, and user comments.


Download Architecture Framework

Learn how Alarm Sentinel can fit into your current infrastructure – no email required. 

The differences our products make

We enjoy helping businesses gain insights into their industrial operations.

Make smarter, quicker decisions based on data and insights
Improve downtime, reporting, asset management and plant operations
Leverage your existing investments to solve OT and IT business issues

Download The White Paper: Why We need Effective Alarm Management

Download our white paper on why we need effective alarm management and get tips on how to mitigate, prevent and minimize the impact of abnormal situations.

See some of our customer testimonials

We enjoy helping businesses improve insights into their industrial operations. We’re proud to be working with customers like these.

“The user interface is very good and important but it is much more than visualization, it is about change management and will change our maintenance strategies”

Janne Lappi
Fingrid – Asset Digitalization

“A report that I can’t find isn’t worth anything, with Asset Intellect people can find the data quickly and easily”

Mark Faith 
AGL – Manager, Operational Diagnostic and Technology 

“We have got a lot of Citect, Yokogawa, Rockwell, and Wonderware. This system is easy to use on any of those control system platforms”

Dennis Johnson
Newmont Mining –  Process Control Engineer

Power up your workflow with Asset Intellect + Alarm Sentinel

Combining Asset Intellect with Alarm Sentinel unlocks unprecedented power and capability.

Alarm Investigations

When investigating alarms or events, Alarm Sentinel can seamlessly navigate to AF assets within Asset Intellect.

Case Management

Many clients use Alarm Sentinel for triaging PI analytics-based alerts. Users can assign the alerts to other users and create investigation cases using Asset Intellect.

Alarm To Asset Drilldown

Nuisance alarms?
Showing this in a KPI report covers only part of the job. Quickly navigate to the asset data for the full story including drawings, maintenance, wiki notes.

Holistic Visualization

No other alarm management system provides a holistic view of the asset like Asset Intellect and Alarm Sentinel does.

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