One solution to manage your plant assets

Leading operational intelligence to visualize, manage and enhance your plant operations. Leverage your PI infrastructure & data in a fully interactive, browser-based environment.

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A one-stop shop for your plant operations

Everything you need to manage and operate your assets with full situational awareness.

Shift Handover & Reporting

Flexible forms and handover notes, integrated with process data, short interval control, production reporting and maintenance information to allow seamless automated creation of shift logs.

Downtime / OEE

Automate downtime and OEE via the PI System. Asset Intellect provides flexible web-based data entry along with reporting via Power BI or our report engine. Real-time analysis is available in conjunction with all relevant data.

Alarm & Event Management

Alarm Sentinel provides an overarching solution for easy, consistent analysis of alarm and events covering a wider data set such as historians, IoT applications, PI notifications, PI Event Frames and anomaly detection tools.

Enterprise Visualization

Bring PI System data together with data from sources such as SQL, SharePoint, APIs, SAP/Maximo, Power BI and more. Data remains in your systems of record.

Manual Data Entry

Manual entry is still widely required. This can include PI data, lab data, plant operations, downtime entry, and much more. Asset Intellect allows data to be saved to SQL or PI, using configurable entry forms.

Asset Management

Use cases include process safety, asset health maps, condition monitoring, IoT data integration, and much more. Asset Intellect shows all data in a single, flexible view, allowing you to compare similar assets and rank health and risk.

We work closely with the Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas, Mining, Water, Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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Alarm Sentinel lets you deep dive into your live HMI alarms and events helping you identify root cause. Display relevant alarms against your PI data unlocking insights across the organization. Alarm Sentinel helps capture knowledge, forming a comprehensive view of the asset.

Process Safety

Alarm Sentinel provides insight into how safely you are operating and data to support safe decisions.

All Alarms and Events in One Place

Show events from DCS, SCADA, EMS, IoT sources and PI Event Frames.

Situational Awareness

Attach documents and links for SOP’s and master alarm tables. Categorize your alarms, or drill into other data sources for context.

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Asset Intellect is a one-stop shop for your plant operations. It provides a holistic view to manage and operate your assets with full situational awareness. Create insights from your operational data and unlock unprecedented value.

Enterprise visualization of your entire operation

Bring together PI and data sources such as SQL, SharePoint, API’s, SAP/Maximo, Power BI and more. Data remains in your systems of record.

Modular, configurable and easy to use

Configuration doesn't require code, uses existing PI infrastructure, and provides role-based content management.

Fast time to value

Rapid solution development. Reduce costs and delivery time.

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“The user interface is very good and important but it is much more than visualization, it is about change management and will change our maintenance strategies”

Janne Lappi
Fingrid – Asset Digitalization

“A report that I can’t find isn’t worth anything, with Asset Intellect people can find the data quickly and easily”

Mark Faith 
AGL – Manager, Operational Diagnostic and Technology 


“We have got a lot of Citect, Yokogawa, Rockwell, and Wonderware. This system is easy to use on any of those control system platforms”

Dennis Johnson
Newmont Mining –  Process Control Engineer

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